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If your Likee account has been banned for any reason and you are not able to login or use it anymore, you can request Ban Removal Service to remove the ban.

This service allows you to remove your Likee account ban and any other restrictions that prevent you from using your Likee account normally.

Why my Likee has been banned?

If you break Likee community rules, and guidelines, or publish prohibited content such as videos, pictures, and comments your Likee account will be banned permanently or temporarily based on the violation level.

How to remove Likee banned?

  1. Click on "Submit Request" button
  2. Read the instructions carefully
  3. Fill-out request form
  4. Subit your request
This service is paid not free, so do not request it if you think it's free it will be rejected permanently without a second chance.

Service Details

  • Service name: Likee Ban Removal Service
  • Service Type: Paid service not free
  • Permanent Ban: 175 US Dollar.
  • Temporary Ban: 125 US Dollar.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I recover banned account on Likee
By following the instructions above you can recover and remove your Likee account banned.
How do I log in to Banned account
You can't log in to a banned account, you must remove the ban first to be able to use your account again.
What is the difference between Likee ban types
Permanent Ban: you will be punished for 1 year up to 10-20 years.
Temporary Ban: you will be punished for 10 minutes up to 30 days.
Each class type can be applied based on the violation and how it's serious. Likee Live doesn't tolerate any violation and there is no second chance once you have been banned unless you request paid service.
How do I recover a lost Banned account
If you unbanned your account with paid service, you will be able to recover your account.
How long it takes to unban Likee account
Usually, take 24-48 hours, but in some cases may take 3-5 working days. Make sure that you completed your request on time to avoid delays.
What is Likee Live Help email and phone number?
You can chat us or email us on:
Email: feedback@bigohelp.com
WhatsApp: +15159940066
Make sure you explain your message and write your Likee ID. Otherwise will be ignored.
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