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Change Likee Phone Number:

If your likee phone number can't be reached, inactive, expired or you can't receive verification code, you can change it from here.
To change your phone number on likee, you need to contact us on whatsapp to help you change your phone number.

Contact us:

Send your message with your BIGO ID to our official whatsapp number.

Attention: We don't Accept Calls - Only message.
• By contacting us, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

Fee and service details:

Service name: Change Likee Phone Number.
Service fees: Starts from $85 USD.
# Note: fees may change based on your account level.
Service type: Paid Service (Not Free).
Quantity: Once per request.
Payment options:
• Payoneer Bank
• PayPal Bank

I can't receive likee verification code ?

If you can't receive verification code from Likee that means there are several reasons such as (expired phone number, someone else using it or your phone number is inactive). In this case you will not be able to login to Likee account and you must change your current phone number to a new phone number by contacting us via the official whatsapp number above.

I can't change my phone number ?

If you can't receive verification code on your current phone number you will not be able to change it manually and you have to contact us to request this service in order to change your phone number on likee.

Estimated Time:

Changing phone number for Likee Account usually takes 24 hour to 3 business days. The duration may increase in some cases.

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