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Change Likee Phone Number

If your phone number has been deactivated, lost, or can't reach it. You can change it to a new phone number so you can receive a verification code whether to log in or to secure your account.

If your linked phone number has been deactivated, can't be reached, or lost, even if you want to change it for any reason, you can follow the instructions below in order to change your phone number on Likee App.

How to change Likee phone number?

  1. Click on "Submit Request" button
  2. Read the instructions carefully
  3. Fill-out request form
  4. Subit your request
This service is paid not free, so do not request it if you think it's free it will be rejected permanently without a second chance.

Service Details

  • Service name: Change Phone Number.
  • Service Type: Paid service not free
  • Service Fee: 45 US Dollar.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I replace my phone number
By following the instructions above you can replace your phone number on Likee App.
How do I log in to Likee
By using your login information phone number, and password or using the same method you've registered your account such as email or linked social media account.
I can't find my account
By following the instructions above or referring to Recover Account service.
I can't receive the verification code
If you have many verification code requests, wait 24 hours from the last attempt. But if your linked phone number can't be reached for any reason then follow the instructions above to change it to a new phone number.
How long it takes changing the phone number
Usually, take 24 hours, but in some cases may take 3 working days. Make sure that you completed your request on time to avoid delays.
What is Likee Live Help email and phone number?
You can chat us or email us on:
eMail: feedback@bigohelp.com
WhatsApp: +15159940066
Make sure you explain your message and write your Likee ID. Otherwise will be ignored.
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