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You can recover your account, change your phone number, or recover a banned account. All services you need on Likee App are listed below.


Buy Bigo Live Account

Guaranteed Instant Pay Fast Delivery

You can now buy Bigo Live Accounts with any level that is available for sale, SVIP Accounts, and Supporter Accounts. Pay instantly or via local bank transfer easily.


Recover Likee Account

Likee Log in Retrieve Account Recover Account

If you lost your account, hacked or stolen. You can recover it as soon as possible from here.


Change Likee Phone Number

Phone Number Retrieve Account Recover Account

If your phone number has been deactivated, lost, or can't reach it. You can change it to a new phone number so you can receive a verification code whether to log in or to secure your account.


Likee Banned Account

Banned Account Restricted Account Unban Account

If your account has been banned for any reason, you can unbanned it from here and recover your account to normal status.


Likee Agency

Agency Registration Recruit hosts Earn money

Register your Likee Agency and start recruiting hosts to earn monthly profits of up to 30% commission on recruiting hosts to work on Likee App.

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