Likee Agency Registration

To register your Likee Agency follow the instructions below and fill out the form.

Agency Registration Form

Pay agency fees using Binance, CoinBase,, or any platform using USDT Currency to the wakke address below.
Wallet Address:
USDT - BNB Smart Chain (BEP20)

• Registration Fees:
Domestic Agency: 145 USDT
Regional Agency: 175 USDT
International Agency: 225 USDT
Diamonds Reseller Agency: 750 USDT

Don't know how to pay?
Click here to learn how to pay using Binance.


Your request will be rejected permanently if you try to use a fake transaction number or any number other than pay the service fee as described. We don't give second chance.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are agencies on likee?

Agency means a registered agent who has the ability to recruit hosts on likee app.

What are the benefits of an agency?

You can get 20%-30% of each host working under your agency of their monthly income.

How do I apply for an agency?

By contacting us and applying for an agency.

What is the difference between agency types?

Domestic Agency: allows you to recruit hosts in same your country.
Regional Agency: allows you to recruit hosts from your region's countries. Ex: European agents can recruit hosts from all European countries.
International Agency: allows you to recruit hosts from any country no matter in what region/country they live. Also, you can become a Diamonds Reseller Agency at any time to increase your monthly income.
Diamonds Reseller Agency: You will be registered as an international agency in default, which allows you to buy bulk of diamonds at the cheapest price and resell them at the market price besides the ability to recruit hosts as an international agency.

How long it takes the agency to be ready?

Usually, take 14-30 working days, but in some cases may take longer. Make sure that you completed your request on time to avoid delays.

How to contact Likee Support team or Admin?

To contact Likee support on WhatsApp, Email and contact form visit this page:

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